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EDM Drilling Machines – Micro Drill

MD-435 CNC

High-precision EDM drilling machine type Micro Drill with PC control and electrode changer. External tank- and filter unit inclusive. The EDM drilling machine MD-435 CNC is also available with oil basin.


  • automatic electrode wear compensation
  • automatic parameter setting
  • Z-axis motor-driven adjustable and programmable
  • DXF drawings directly importable
  • backlash compensation
  • soft start function
  • automatic touching functions
  • interactive programme functions
  • dry run simulation
  • realtime self-diacnostic
  • resolution 0,001 mm (servo motor)
  • interpolation linear / circular

Technical Data MD-435, MD-640 and MD-840

Travel x y motor driven400 x 350 mm600 x 400 mm800 x 400 mm
Max. work piece weight350 kg600 kg600 kg
Max. work piece height270 mm250 mm270 mm
Machine weight1000 kg1200 kg1600 kg
Rough adjustment Z-axis250 mm250 mm250 mm
Controlled W-axis300 mm300 mm300 mm
For electrode diameter0,08 - 3,0 mm0,08 - 3,0 mm0,08 - 3,0 mm
Usable electrode length300 / 400 mm300 / 400 mm300 / 400 mm

Examples of use Micro Drill

Examples of usePicture
Sample machiningMusterbohrung2
Diesel injection valveDieseleinspritzdüŸse
Screw tap
internal cooling hole
Gewindebohrer - Innenkühlung
Carbide partsHartmetallteile
Sample processingMakroaufnahme
Turned partsDrehteile