About Us – History

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Heun Funkenerosion GmbH is responsible for development, consultancy and delivery of the EDM drilling machines.

We provides advice in case of questions regarding application or processing and takes care for the reliable operational readiness of the EMD machine by maintenance and service.

The Developement of Heun GmbH


1974 – First experiences

…were made by Rüdiger Heun during his service with AGIE EDM machines.


1977 – Service-engineer in Europe

Mr Heun was the first service engineer for Fanuc wire cut machines in Europe. His practical knowledge was broadened by service, set up, training, improvement and alteration of wire cut machines of different manufacturers ranging from Fanuc, Sodick, Mitsubishi and Seibu during the following years.


1988 – Setting up the company in Alzenau

The need for good service and the constant demand by customers for an excellent service technician was regarded by Mr Heun as a solid basis for setting up the company.


1991 – Trading as a GmbH (Limited Company)

…because of the steadily increasing turnover and increasing number of employees.


1992 – Expansion of enterprise

…by the building of a new plant in Kahl/Main with its own development and demonstration centre and modern office areas.

The first phase to get on the market was with modules to make EDM machining possible. They consisted of a universally adaptable eroding head with servo unit and a portable generator with a high pressure pump. These modules are still available in an improved version. They are used for carrying out special tasks as, for example, the removal of rivets from the outside plating of aircraft.


1997 – Foundation of Heun Funkenerosion GmbH by Christian Heun, the son of Rüdiger Heun.

After his education as an electronics engineer, Christian Heun completed his skills staying often in foreign countries as for example the USA and Japan. His successful degree in economic science has imparted widespread knowledge to him.


2006 – Assumption

…of the service obligations from MATRA Frankfurt, division EDM drilling, for machines type “Bohrteufel”, Sodick.



2016 – Honorary certificate of the IHK

… for 25 years of company existence.

2017 – Expansion of enterprise

… In the course of time the Company grew steadily. This year a new building is constructed, which is connected with the already existing block of buildings. This is due to the increasing number of employees as well as the need for more storage capacity and the request for a more spacious presentation center.