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Spezial Solutions

We develop solutions according to your requirements!

You need a special solution in the field of EDM? We offer hardware and software for special EDM machines. We are specialized on the construction of special machines. You give us your requirements – we develop proposals for solution and bring the machines to perfection according to your requirements and wishes.

Already realised projects:


work piece diameter 2,000 mm
work piece weight 1 T
electrode diameter 2.8 mm

drilling up to the centre axis with max. electrode length of
1,150 mm.


travel 2,100 x 900 mm
electrode length up to 1,150 mm
work piece weight up to 8 t 

projekt3Heun is able to drill around the corner. A special process enables us, to machine the work piece at points difficult to access, with bended and rotating electrodes.


projekt4In the manufacture of turbine blades, coolant holes are required in extremely steep entry and exit angles. Even though the material thickness is not known, the breakthrough of the drilling without damage of the close rear panel has to be guaranteed.


projekt5Rationalisation / automation in a network together with EROWA, Hirschmann, 3R, AGIE, Roeders, Makino, Zimmer + Kreim, Zwicker has been realized.


projekt6With a special machine from Heun the sensational drilling depth of 2,600 mm has been reached with an electrode diameter of 3 mm.




projekt7+8The challenge is not only to manufacture drill holes, but also to carry out geometries and surface abrasion. Special cooling channel structures are required for turbine blades. On one and the same machine it is possible to manufacture drill holes as well as geometric shapes as for example inlet funnels and shaped holes into turbine blades, without changing the work piece on another machine.