Consultancy & Development

Fast solution on highest quality level

We are specialists in the fields of developing and improving, manufacturing and selling EDM-equipment. We already give advice during the preliminary planning stage, which means regarding the basic requirements of the machine.

In our centre of excellence we develop the optimized machine solution for our customers, individually to their requirements, on basis of our standard machines. With our technical and economic basic knowledge, we provide real partnership on par.

If you have to machine an especially big work piece, if a blind hole with an extreme ratio of diameter to depth is required, if insertion of holes with exceeding steep angles of entrance is necessary or if your EDM drilling machine should be integrated into a production line – HEUN is your competent partner. We rise to the challenge.

Best advisory service

The analysis in planning, manufacturing, setting up and support service are key components of the entire project.

We will analyze your specific applications, expectations and visions to insure we meet or exceed them consistently. We will work in partnership with our prospective customers, asking the important questions. With our wealth of technological experience and expertise we will review your concerns form many different perspectives.

The knowledge base we rely on, are many years addressing the tool and die, mould making, automotive industry, aerospace and medical industries. We offer complete process engineering and applications support to our family of customers.

We understand if we can improve your production process and make it efficient and profitable, you will achieve more success with your customers. We will never compromise and rest on our past successes. Instead we will always seek to improve our company’s engineering and support structure. Our goal is to develop a specialized solution for you, working together to achieve a common goal.

Professional development

We develop the required hardware and software components for your special projects. We work on the advancement of generators, writing of postprocessors for already available machines and improvement of EDM processing. We bring the machines to perfection. We already realized solutions for special problems like breakthrough detection.

  • Your requirement is machining of extra big work pieces?
  • You need blind hole drillings with extreme diameter/depth ratio?
  • You want to realize bore holes with extremely steep entrance angle?
  • Your EDM drilling machine shall be integrated into a production line?

Heun is your competent partner!