Consultancy & Development – History of developements

1993 – First machine type APos

…filled the clientele with enthusiasm at the EMO fair in Hannover. The first machine is still working to the satisfaction of the customer. More customers, mainly from the field of tool and mould making, were gained by exhibiting the machine at further fairs.

 1994 – CNC-tilting head and rotary table

…were delivered for the first time with machine type APos 600 to Rehau.

 1995 – Series manufacture

…started on 3 different machine types, APos 350, APos 600, APos 1000.

 1998 – Developement

…of a new high-speed generator. With this generator it is possible for the first time to achieve higher drilling speeds with less wear and with lower power consumption.

 1998 – Revolutionizing Changes

…due to the use of an industrial PC. Since other control systems, available on the market were either too complicated or to expensive, a specific control system for the machines themselves was developed, based on the operating system Windows NT®.

 1999 – Expansion of the product range

…by an easy to handle machine with manual X-Y-crossing table and digital display. The quality of this machine corresponds to the high standard of Heun, even so, it has a favourable price.

 2000 – New demonstration center

…opened in the yet again expanded building. Here the different machine types are presented much better.

 2001 – Special machine

…for the machining of tungsten carbide was added to the delivery programme.

2002 – Electrode changer

…with variable guide system.

2003 – EDM drilling machine SP-26 CNC

…submerged with oil. Also available as SP-36 CNC.

2004 – 2-axes indexer up to 150 kg

…to enable machining of heavy work-pieces in extremely steep machining angles.

2005 – Breakthrough detection

…was developed. We guarantee the breakthrough of the drilling without damage of the close rear panel, even though the material thickness is not known. It is also possible to insert coolant holes into turbine blades with an extremely steep entry and exit angle by curved and rotating electrodes.

2007 – New concept for EDM drilling machines type APos

…with machine body made of wet mix aggregate was introduced on EMO 2007. The main features and advantages are better thermal stability, bigger travel distance up to 2,000 mm with higher mechanical stiffness, bigger bearing capacity and continuous path control for up to 5 axes simultaneous machining.

2008 – Machine type Micro Drill

…included into product range. With this high-precision EDM drilling machine, drilling with electrodes from 0.08 to 4.0 mm is possible.

2009 – Innovation award

…bestowed of Mittelstands-Union Unterfranken by the Bavarian minister of finance, Mr Georg Fahrenschon.

2010 – Developement of Y-Generator

With this new developed generator the eroding capacity could be improved by up to 30%. This generator is mainly used for the newest machine concept APos solid.

2011 – New generation of generators

Development of a new generator unit with higher efficiency.

2012 – APos aged 20

20 years ago the development of the first controlled EDM drilling machine was started. Since then the machine series APos was continuously advanced with great success.

2013 – Geometries and drill holes with APos machine

Special cooling channel structures are required for turbine blades. On one and the same machine it is possible to manufacture drill holes as well as geometric shapes as for example inlet funnels and shaped holes into turbine blades, without changing the work piece on another machine.

20 years ago the development of the first controlled EDM drilling machine was started. Since then the machine series APos was continuously advanced with great success.

2016 – Head-Generator-Unit Flexibly adaptable to many machine types

It is still used to carry out special tasks as for example removal of rivets from the outer plating of airplanes during maintenance, relief drillings, bleeder holes as well as cooling holes into metallic molds, drill holes into injection nozzles and EDM drilling with extremely pointed angles.

The eroding unit can be applied in many different fields of EDM drilling. Every kind of conductive material can be machined, independent whether soft or hardened. The fast EDM drilling speed is the main feature of this machine. It can be used in different areas of all kinds of components

2017 – Camera System – Application in Position recognition

… the automated visual inspction records the test object and processes the data on an Image processing Controller, to which commercially available Monitors can be connected. On the APos machine it is displayed on the machine monitor via remote Desktop Setting. Real-time Monitoring is possible with camera System Keyence CV-X100.