Small hole edm S-26


  • NC-programming of depth with automatical retreat
  • Automatic wear compensation
  • Powerful generator with MOS-FET technic
  • 100 technology banks, free programmable
  • Precise and easy moveable crossing table
  • Ceramic piston high pressure pump
  • Tank and filter unit integrated


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Technical Data S-26

X-Y-travel 300 x 250 mm
Max. work piece weight 300 kg
Max. work piece height 350 mm
Stainless steel clamping frame 450 x 310 mm
Splash guard can be removed, work piece can be
project beyond 3 faces
Floor space required 900 x 1130 mm
Machine weight 900 kg
Z-axis rough adjustment 150 mm
Z-axis controlled EDM-head 350 mm
Electrode diameter 0,1 – 6,0 mm
Electrode length 400 mm

Examples of use S-26

Examples of use Picture
Thread cutter
Broken Tools
Ejector Blade
Moulding Tool
Vent Hole
Screw Tap
Sample machining
Internal Cooling Channel
Lock screw