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Fast solution on highest quality level. We are specialists in the fields of developing and improving, manufacturing and selling EDM-equipment.

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Advance in know how means advantage in competition. For more than 2 decades as a global manufacturer of high speed small hole EDM drilling machines Heun is your specialist.

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Highly qualified team with high motivation. With over 30 years of experience with EDM drilling machines we offer individual service.

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New option for APos machines Measuring sensor for testing and setup of work pieces

The integration of a measuring sensor increases the efficiency, quality and accuracy of your high-speed erosion machine. Fields of application are the automatic work piece setup as well as testing and verification of work pieces and processes on the machine.Due to existing deviations in the components and the increased precision requirements in machining, touching

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Customized solutions for APos machines Camera system Keyence CV-X100

An additional option for the high-speed EDM drilling machines of APos series is integration of a camera system. It is used for position recognition and quality inspection. The automated visual inspection records the test object and processes the data on an image processing controller, to which commercially available monitors can be connected. On the

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Corporate manufacture of perfect drill holes – Heun & C.F.K. GmbH in Kriftel

With EDM drilling it is possible to produce smallest drill holes, independent of material hardness. The EDM drilling experts of company CFK meet the challenges of their customers for machining of their work pieces every day. Support is given by the EDM drilling units of company Heun.The service provider CFK, based in Kriftel, is

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