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Fast solution on highest quality level. We are specialists in the fields of developing and improving, manufacturing and selling EDM-equipment.

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Advance in know how means advantage in competition. For more than 2 decades as a global manufacturer of high speed small hole EDM drilling machines Heun is your specialist.

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Highly qualified team with high motivation. With over 30 years of experience with EDM drilling machines we offer individual service.

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The total scope of EDM drilling

For insertion of holes into metal components, mainly mechanical tools like screw augers or milling cutters are used. These processing methods, however, reach its limits in particular for deep holes with small diameter, slanting holes, special hard material or material which is not easy to machine. This is a task for EDM drilling. Here

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AMB Stuttgart

We attend!It will surely be the most important fair in the year 2015 in Suttgart for this industrial sector in this area.Visit us at our booth D51 / D53 in Halle 7. With best regards from Kahl/MainYour team of Heun

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Smallest drill holes with highest positioning accuracy

With the EDM small hole drilling machine type MD-435, delivered by Heun, insertion of high-precision holes is fast and easy. On this Micro Drill machine electrode diameters from 0.08 to 3.0 mm can be used for machining. The CNC type with electrode changer makes unmanned insertion of holes possible, starting with electrode diameter of

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