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Fast solution on highest quality level. We are specialists in the fields of developing and improving, manufacturing and selling EDM-equipment.

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Advance in know how means advantage in competition. For more than 2 decades as a global manufacturer of high speed small hole EDM drilling machines Heun is your specialist.

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Highly qualified team with high motivation. With over 30 years of experience with EDM drilling machines we offer individual service.

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Machining of work pieces of large size! Head-generator-unit of Heun

The first EDM drilling units of Heun to be placed on the market, have been modules which consisted of an all-purpose, adaptable eroding head with servo unit and a mobile generator with high-pressure pump. These modules are available even now, however, with improved design. It is still used to carry out special tasks as

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EDM milling

Highlights at a glance: * eroding of different geometries with only one tool* EDM drilling and EDM milling on one machine* surface removal with electrode  diameter of 0.5 up to 3.0 mm* cooling channels with Special entry geometryStill ask for details? Call us

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